Overly Quoted in Digital Munition About Emergence of AI, Automation as Critical Tools for Cybersecurity

25 March 2020 Digital Munition News

Partner Mike Overly was quoted in the Digital Munition article, “AI, Automation Emerge as Critical Tools for Cybersecurity.” The article notes that adoption rates for artificial intelligence and automation are rising, and investment plans are on high enterprise radars. And with those adoption rates, cybersecurity has emerged as an ideal use case for the technologies as a way to relieve some of the burden on security teams by sifting through high volumes of security data and automating routine tasks.


Overly was asked to predict where how he sees AI and automation coming into play in 2020. “The hope is that these systems will minimize false alarms and insubstantial issues (e.g., port scanning or pings), leaving a much smaller set of ‘real’ threats to review and address,” Overly said, with the ultimate goal being able to find those unusual incidents fast.

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