Aaron Tantleff Comments on Appeal of Delayed Enforcement of CA Privacy Regulations

11 August 2023 Legal Dive News

Foley & Lardner LLP partner Aaron Tantleff is quoted in the Legal Dive article, “Why California AG, privacy agency appealed enforcement limits,” commenting on a petition filed by the California Privacy Protection Agency and the California Attorney General to overturn a recent trial court decision that imposed a 12-month delay on enforcement of newly enacted privacy regulations in the state.

While Tantleff said the delay in enforcement of some California privacy regulations has been well received by most clients and colleagues “as it helps ease the pressure on many as they continue their compliance efforts,” he cautioned that businesses should not see the trial court decision as an opportunity to delay their compliance initiatives for another year.

“This delay does not strip the CA AG’s office of its ability to enforce key provisions under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), such as certain consumer rights under the CCPA, including do not sell and other rights,” Tantleff explained. “This delay only impacts those additional consumer rights provided for under the California Privacy Rights Act, such as the right to opt out of sharing (which is different than selling) and limiting disclosure of sensitive personal information.”