Cybersecurity Update — July 2015

31 July 2015 Legal News: Cybersecurity Publication
Authors: Michael R. Overly Ethan D. Lenz Chanley T. Howell James R. Kalyvas Aaron K. Tantleff Dennis A. Cardoza Steven M. Millendorf

Legal News: Cybersecurity

Foley Cybersecurity Update keeps you current on the many ways you can address, mitigate, and respond to the risks associated with data security.

Inside this edition: 

  • An Individual’s Information Security Checklist
  • Cyber Insurance: Is Your Business Prepared?
  • Insights on Recent Developments
  • Negligence Actions Hit UCLA, Sony, and Home Depot Boards
  • Plan and Train for Security Incidents Now
  • Law Watch: Cybersecurity Legislation That Could Affect Your Business
  • Information Security Audits: Precautions and Considerations

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