Global Ransomware Attack: Preparation is Key

15 May 2017 Legal News: Privacy, Security & Information Management Publication
Authors: Michael R. Overly James R. Kalyvas Beni Surpin Steven M. Millendorf Eileen R. Ridley Aaron K. Tantleff Jennifer L. Rathburn Christopher C. Cain Andrew E. Rawlins Jennifer J. Hennessy Chanley T. Howell

Businesses have been scrambling since Friday evening when news spread that a ransomware attack named WannaCry is compromising organizations at an alarming rate. In less than 48 hours, it has compromised more than 130,000 organizations worldwide in over 150 countries. Early investigative reports have suggested that this particular malware was among the tools held by the National Security Agency (NSA) employed to exploit system vulnerabilities in Windows which were leaked by WikiLeaks, for which Microsoft had released a patch for over two months ago. Experts expect additional attacks to occur due to residual system infections, copy-cat viruses or the release of additional malware arising from the NSA leaks. The recent attack