Blake Tengberg

Senior Counsel

Blake Tengberg

Senior Counsel

Blake Tengberg specializes in corporate law with a strong emphasis on startup and emerging growth companies. Blake represents businesses at every stage of their journey. He has experience in a wide variety of corporate law matters, including formation; corporate governance; contract drafting and negotiation; mergers and acquisitions; and intricate financial transactions involving preferred stocks, SAFEs, and convertible notes. Blake is a member of our Business Law Department and Transactions Practice Group and is based in our Salt Lake City office.

Blake proudly represents a multitude of angel and venture capital investors, providing invaluable guidance within the startup ecosystem. In addition to being a deal lawyer, he often serves as outside general counsel for his clients, who appreciate his pragmatic approach to complex situations.

Representative Experience

Mergers & Acquisitions

Represented buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of businesses by stock purchase, merger, asset purchase, and license, including:

  • ETC Group, including its software subsidiary companies BuildingFit and GrowFit Analytics, in its sale to Bernhard, the largest privately-owned Energy-as-a-Service company in the United States.
  • Lincoln Insurance Group in its sale to a Top 50 Insurance Brokerage company.
  • Abora Capital in its acquisition of numerous insurance agencies nationwide.
  • American Secure Title Insurance Agency, in its all-stock sale to US Title Insurance Agency.
  • Battle Road Digital in a license of its proprietary metaverse, multi-player real-time strategy game software product to one of the world’s largest software companies.
  • First Chair Partners in its acquisition of Sea to Ski Property Management Company.
  • Dimension Marketing & Sales in its merger with Premier Foods.
  • FBII in its acquisition of Frodsham Better Lawns & Trees.
  • CWB3 Corp. in the sale of its assets to

Venture Capital & Growth Equity

Represented numerous business and venture capital groups in making or receiving investments, including:

  • Lionel Ventures in its initial fund formation, fund management matters, and over half a dozen early- to late-stage investments in technology businesses.
  • Udo Investment Group in a late-stage investment in Udo, LLC.
  • Oliver Software in a preferred equity growth investment by Startup Ignitions.
  • Flex Energy in a debt and equity investment by VJAM Holdings.
  • Tamarack Ventures in Parlor Doughnuts, a prominent and rapidly-expanding F&B business.
  • Toothy Cow Productions in a private preferred equity investment by Angel Studios.
  • ZapMoto in an early stage equity investment by Sepio Capital Private Growth Fund.
  • DentalRay in a strategic debt and equity investment by Coldwater Capital.
  • Masset in a SAFE offering round.

Regulation Crowdfunding and/or Regulation A+ Offerings

  • The Riot & the Dance (2021)
  • Freelancers (2021)
  • Let’s Get Epic (2021)
  • The Shift (2021 and 2022)
  • David (2022), resulting in the largest audience-funded entertainment project in history
  • Testament Pictures (2022)
  • The Wingfeather Saga (2022 and 2023)
  • His Only Son (2023), which was the first prints and advertising (P&A) crowdfund for a theatrical release in history

Startups & Emerging Growth Companies

Over his 10+ year career, Blake has represented startups and emerging growth companies in all stages, from formation to liquidity, including:

  • Abora Capital (investment firm)
  • Alpine Supply (Government and B2B manufacturer and supplier)
  • Awake Events (entertainment)
  • Banner Pest Services (consumer services)
  • Battle Road Digital (development studio)
  • Cosimo, Inc. (artificial intelligence)
  • CR Solar (alternative energy)
  • DentalRay (healthcare SAAS)
  • Dirty Dough (consumer product)
  • Electric Run (entertainment)
  • Everything Experience (entertainment)
  • Flex Energy (alternative energy)
  • Freelancers (entertainment)
  • Globio (fintech)
  • His Only Son (entertainment)
  • Indy the Label (consumer product)
  • Jacob Film (entertainment)
  • Jessup (consumer services)
  • Let’s Get Epic (entertainment)
  • Lionel Ventures (venture capital fund)
  • Lonely Ghost (consumer product)
  • Loocsy (consumer product)
  • Masset (SAAS)
  • Midway Painting Company (consumer services)
  • Morgan Marketing & Associates (brokerage)
  • MTN & Main (real estate)
  • Noetika (entertainment)
  • Nyhavn (health & wellness)
  • Oliver Software (veterinary SAAS)
  • Ollie Sports (sports technology)
  • Pawp (veterinary SAAS)
  • Performance Reliability & Optimization (management services)
  • PestLocal (consumer services)
  • Pioneer (facilities services)
  • Pump Action Games (development studio)
  • Riot & the Dance (entertainment)
  • Rise Festival (entertainment)
  • Run13 (entertainment)
  • Salmon HVAC (consumer services)
  • Salt Surf (consumer product)
  • Sapphire Fountains (consumer services)
  • Slingshot USA (entertainment)
  • SolQ (alternative energy)
  • STEM Shoppe (consumer services)
  • Tamarack Ventures (food industry)
  • The Shift (entertainment)
  • Tiny Art Show (consumer services)
  • Toothy Cow Productions (entertainment)
  • Utilisync (SAAS)
  • Vol. 1 Records (record label)
  • Witzle (consumer services)
  • Yardley Cattle (agriculture)
  • Young Presidents Organization (YPO) – Park City Chapter


  • Member, Utah Bar Association


  • Portuguese