Cybersecurity in the Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Devices Industries

31 March 2017 Publication
Author(s): James R. Kalyvas Eileen R. Ridley Michael R. Overly Chanley T. Howell Jennifer L. Urban Steven M. Millendorf Aaron K. Tantleff

Protecting Your IP and Confidential Information in Cyberspace

As a life sciences or medical device company, it is mission critical to protect lab books, drug and clinical test data, product formulas and production processes that underlie your patents, trade secrets and know-how from hackers and others. Given the interconnectivity of corporate data networks, it has become all too easy for cyber thieves to gain access to valuable information in your network, and monetize your hard-earned intellectual property (IP) or cause your company reputational or financial harms.

This Guidebook begins by discussing the importance of protecting vulnerable IP assets in cyberspace. It takes a look at the legislative landscape, with the impact of recent trade secret legislation and a brief discussion of the federal agencies that most frequently operate in the cybersecurity and life sciences space. It is followed by some of the tools for protecting your IP. After that, there is a discussion of practical policies and procedures which companies can implement to help avoid loss and comply with regulations. Recurring topics include: cybersecurity, data ownership, privacy issues and protectable IP.

This paper is focused more on companies in the life sciences and medical devices industry, their affiliates and business associates, clinical researchers (CROs), and third party vendors.

The purpose of this Guidebook is to help the reader focus on the cybersecurity and IP asset protection issues in an accessible and practical way. Click below to download the full Guidebook.