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We execute financing transactions across a wide range of financial market sectors on behalf of our many clients, including banks and other commercial lenders, institutional investors, underwriters and agents, specialized investment funds, private equity funds and their portfolio companies, corporate borrowers and issuers, governmental and other public issuers, trustees and trust companies, and derivatives counterparties. Our diverse client base and the wide variety of financing transactions that we execute on their behalf provide us with a clear understanding of current market terms and practices.

Asset Securitization Transaction Structures

We regularly work with many of our clients to develop innovative securitization transaction structures that help them optimize access to the capital markets and reduce their cost of capital. Whether you are a public or private issuer, underwriter, rating agency, servicer or investor, we can help you with handling the legal and business issues relating to accounting standards, true sale and non-consolidation risks in bankruptcy, tax, and regulatory matters.

Borrower Representation Services

We work with many of our corporate clients to structure transactions, negotiate effectively, and reduce the burden of covenant compliance. We make it a priority to understand each client’s business and focus on their specific financing needs. We have extensive experience representing borrower-side clients in transactions that are secured and unsecured; senior and subordinated; investment-grade and below-investment grade; revolving and term; syndicated, participated, and bilateral; and domestic and international multicurrency credit agreements and facilities. Additionally, we are active in the emerging alternative debt and venture debt markets and can explore opportunities in these new markets for you.

Lender Representation

With a significant portion of our Finance Practice dedicated to representing banks and other commercial lenders, we can assist you in a wide variety of domestic and international financing transactions. For agent banks, we provide counsel in the structuring, negotiation, and documentation of large corporate and middle-market syndicated loan transactions for commercial and industrial borrowers. For banks and other commercial lenders in connection with bilateral commercial lending arrangements, we work with you to add efficiencies to routine transactions and add value to transactions with complex structures, unusual collateral, regulatory issues, and other special features.

Private Placements and Institutional Investment

We regularly represent both institutional investors and corporate issuers in private placements, Rule 144A issues, and other long-term debt placements and related financing transactions.