Foley Attorneys Cover Equifax Breach, Litigation Threat from State AGs

15 September 2017 MarketWatch News
Partner Eileen Ridley and materials published by Foley attorneys were featured in a MarketWatch article, “Equifax Faces Its Biggest Litigation Threat from State Attorneys General,” covering the Equifax breach and state attorneys general’s policies for notifying consumers about breaches in general. Equifax is currently facing lawsuits from multiple state attorneys general, including those from Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania.

Ridley was quoted on state AGs’ policies, explaining that “each state maintains its own requirements for consumer notification of breaches, enforced by state AGs, that have express deadlines and significant penalties for each occurrence.”

MarketWatch also referenced multiple Equifax-breach materials published by attorneys Jennifer Hennessey, Chanley Howell, Steven Millendorf, Mike Overly, Jennifer Rathburn and Aaron Tantleff. These include the data breach notification laws chart that Foley attorneys regularly maintain, as well as an article about what would’ve happened if the breach took place under the General Data Protection Regulation.