Texas Power Grid Failure Results in Widespread Consequences

20 February 2021 Legal News: Government Solutions Publication
Author(s): Craig P. Chick Edward D. Burbach

Legal, legislative, and procurement issues related to this week’s widespread failures of the Texas power grid have and will continue to result in significant losses for numerous businesses and individuals in Texas and significant changes to Texas infrastructure. There are many examples of the consequences stemming from this disaster, only a few of which include:

  • Billions of dollars in property loss will occur, including, but not limited to, widespread flooding of structures due to the thawing of broken water, sewage, and gas pipes. Property insurance carriers will be stretched to the limit.
  • Power traders profited while Retail Electric Providers have and will suffer often existential financial losses as a result of having to purchase electricity at the maximum spot price of $9000/megawatt hour (when it was approximately $19).
  • Texas Governor Abbott added as an emergency legislative item the winterization of the Texas power system infrastructure (including gas, coal, wind, solar, nuclear, and related production, pipeline, and electrical generation infrastructure).

Furthermore, late on Friday, February 19, Texas Attorney General Paxton’s Consumer Protection Division issued Civil Investigative Demands to the companies listed below:

The Texas legislature is in session and will be asked to assist Texas businesses and individuals. This may provide new opportunities for those doing or wishing to do business in Texas.

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