Broodo Discusses Pro Bono Legal Work, Volunteerism

30 August 2018 Inyan News
Partner Kenny Broodo is quoted in an article in Inyan, “Elevenfold Baalei Tzedakah,” about charitable and philanthropic activities he’s involved in.

Broodo does a variety of pro bono legal work for the Torah Day School and Mesorah High School in Dallas. “The technical work is part of what I do, and I’m happy to do it. It’s the heart-wrenching personal conflicts that are difficult. And I feel the weight of it. But we work and try our best to do the right thing…for the families first, but also the mosdos.”

In addition to his pro bono work, Broodo also volunteers as a fund-raiser for Congregation Ohr Ha Torah of Dallas. “You have to find the courage to go ahead and ask, and to know that even when you get a ‘no,’ you’ve done better than not asking,” he said.

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