US PTO's 2012 Steep Fee Increases Controversial; Cleantech and Nanotech Involvement

13 February 2012 Cleantech & Nano Publication

Cleantech & Nano

We are urgently reviewing the proposed PTO fee increases based on PTO documents issued over the past week. The US PTO appears to agree that some of the steep fee increases, particularly the RCE fee increases, will be controversial. We encourage in 2012 all nanotech entities, cleantech entities, and every other entity under the sun who values patenting to engage in careful study of  the proposed rules to guide the PTO away from the proposed paths of steep fee increases. The PTO purports to be willing to listen to comments in 2012. Got it. We understand the PTO wants more money. They might even need more money. BUT, there are limits to the concept if innovation in the U.S. is to be encouraged, and a stronger sense of gradualism by the PTO on resolving money issues would seem in order.

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