Waxman Quoted on Telemedicine State Insurance Regulations

12 December 2014 Politico News


Partner Mark Waxman was quoted in Politico’s article, “Telemedicine Backers Take on State Insurance Regulations,” on December 12, 2014. The article discussed how telemedicine is helping bring specialty medical services to health plans and the weight of guidelines set by states and insurance regulators governing telemedicine.

Waxman was quoted saying, “Some specialists are virtually impossible to find. You’d be able to bring them in using telemedicine. But most of the rules are not set up to consider using telemedicine. Network adequacy says you have to have enough providers who are in reasonable proximity to where people live. What we’re saying is we no longer need that because we have this substitute. We have to get people to believe the substitute is sufficient to meet the requirements, as opposed to complementing.”