Lowrie Quoted on Six Flags Patent Infringement Win

29 April 2015 National Law Journal News

National Law Journal

Partner Matthew Lowrie was quoted in a National Law Journal article, “Uncovered Email Puts Brakes on Roller Coaster Case,” on April 29, 2015. The article discussed Foley’s role representing Six Flags and other amusement parks in a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Magnetar Technologies Corp., a company that designs roller coaster brakes. Foley uncovered documents proving that one of the patents on which Magnetar asserted infringement was invalid, that the lawyers pursuing the case knew it and the case was subsequently tossed out.

Lowrie was quoted saying, “They [the plaintiffs’ attorneys] had identified this ‘kiss of death’ email early on. We explained to them the patent was invalid as a matter of law, and they proceeded anyway.”

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