Lacktman Quoted on Challenges to the Telehealth Market

15 June 2016 Healthcare Informatics News

Healthcare Informatics

Partner Nathaniel Lacktman was interviewed in a Healthcare Informatics article, “What’s Preventing the Telehealth Market from Booming? One Lawyer Weighs In,” on June 15, 2016. The article discussed the differences in state laws and insurance barriers affecting the telehealth industry, including Medicare coverage issues and interstate medical licensing. Lacktman said, “I believe we will eventually get to a point where health plans are meaningfully paying for telehealth services, whether that’s through legislative efforts or sheer enrollee demand. Until then, we do need these coverage statutes because a) so many providers rely on, and participate in, managed care programs; and b) because of the Affordable Care Act, many people have health insurance or are legally required to obtain it.”