Lacktman Discusses Benefits of Telemedicine During Natural Disasters

05 September 2017 Fierce Healthcare News
Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in a Fierce Healthcare article, “In Texas, Hurricane Harvey Response Efforts Provide a ‘Defining Moment’ for Telehealth,” about how Houston residents have been able to secure health care through telemedicine in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The natural disaster presented a unique way to showcase telemedicine. Lacktman expects public and government officials will increasingly appreciate telemedicine during natural disasters and predicts hospitals will begin integrating telehealth services into their disaster plans.

“The accessibility of medical and mental health services via victims’ smartphones cannot be understated,” Lacktman said. “For millions of people, the smartphone is their lifeline and can serve as the tether to reach doctors and medical professionals, even when the local power lines are down,” he said.