Neuberger Comments on Increasing Use of Arbitration for Establishing Unions

23 February 2018 Bloomberg Law News
Partner Mark Neuberger is quoted in a Bloomberg Law article, “NLRB: Labor Board Gets Some Competition for Union Business,” about the growing use of third-party services like the American Arbitration Association by workers trying to form a union.

Neuberger said the shift to arbitration shows just how desperate unions are. “They’re in such a bad place that traditional methods aren’t working anymore,” he said.

Voluntary recognition has always been an option, but historically hasn’t been used, Neuberger added. That’s because if an employer doesn’t want a union, it would just say so. And the union would have to get creative to get a company on board with the idea.

“You have to convince me, the company, that this makes sense,” he said. “If this is just for you to get more dues and members, that won’t help my business.”

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