Robertson Quoted in Attorney at Work about Diversity in U.S. Law Firms

02 March 2021 Attorney At Work News

Alexis P. Robertson, Foley’s Director of Diversity & Inclusion, was quoted in an Attorney at Work article titled, "Diversity in U.S. Law Firms: ‘It’s Always Going to Be Incremental’.”


In discussing the NALP’s 2020 Report on Diversity in U.S. Law Firms, Robertson told the outlet: “Every year when these numbers come out, it’s disheartening. But I am also very familiar with the pace of change. We should not expect to see orders of magnitude year over year. Diversifying the partnership with homegrown talent takes a decade. It’s always going to be incremental.”


The article also highlighted Foley’s podcast, “The Path & The Practice,” which is hosted by Robertson and explores the professional origin stories of Foley attorneys.


Alexis P. Robertson

Director of Diversity & Inclusion