Differences? We Are Roommates!

18 May 2017 Publication
Authors: Andres Alvarez

Alliance Magazine

This article provides an overview of the United States-Mexico relationship, as well as reasons why Mexico should continue to be viewed as a viable business destination. More importantly, the article addresses what should be considered when entering into a new market.

Unless you have been living in one of the seven planets recently discovered by NASA, chances are you have read or heard about the political turmoil in the trade, security and immigration arenas between the United States and Mexico.

Texan Rex Tillerson, the recently confirmed U.S. Secretary of State, has met with high-ranking officials of Mexico’s administration, including President Enrique Peña Nieto himself, to discuss these matters. John Kelly, head of the Department of Homeland Security, also took part in these discussions.

The White House considered these meetings symbolic of the meaningful relationship between both countries and a very encouraging start to a working relationship with an incredible neighbor to the south.1  Mexico responded that the meetings were a step in the right direction, but trust and deep friendship will only be restored through positive, concrete actions.

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