Top Issues Facing Automotive Suppliers in 2016

14 January 2016 Publication
Author(s): Steven H. Hilfinger John A. Simon Ann Marie Uetz Chanley T. Howell Frank S. Murray Jr Gregory Husisian Christopher Swift Christopher H. Grigorian Mark A. Aiello Vanessa L. Miller John R. Trentacosta Howard W. Fogt

White Paper

Foley’s Automotive Industry Team has prepared this report that examines what the litigation, enforcement, and regulatory landscape will look like in 2016. Inside, you will learn about the latest in:

  • Managing force majeure events, warranty and recall
    exposure, volume fluctuations, and international
    dispute resolution 
  • Reducing compliance risk related to vehicle safety
    and reporting, exploring autonomous and crash
    avoidance technologies, and reviewing regulatory
    developments related to vehicular cybersecurity
  • Recognizing common cybersecurity myths and key
    elements for risk management 
  • Understanding the risks relative to international and
    domestic compliance issues 
  • Dealing with financially strained customers and
  • Mitigating labor and management issues, including
    independent contractor classification, paid sick leave
    for same-sex married couples, and more 
  • Heeding ongoing U.S. criminal antitrust prosecutions
    and the reach of U.S. antitrust laws 
  • Leveraging favorable current conditions in automotive
    mergers and acquisitions 
  • Investigating risks to government contracts posed by
    counterfeit parts

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